Last updated: December 12th 2023

Hey Fablea Family! 👋

We’re thrilled to have you and your little ones on this magical storytelling adventure. Your trust is precious to us, and we’re committed to safeguarding your privacy. Here’s a glimpse of our promise to you:

1. Personalized but Private

  • While we create enchanting, tailor-made stories for your children, their personal details are kept secure in our digital fortress.

2. No Sharing, Just Caring

  • Your personal information stays with us. We don’t sell or share it with third parties. It’s our little secret in the magical world we build together!

3. Audio Privacy

  • The audio stories belong solely to you. We ensure they are not used elsewhere, respecting your child’s privacy at every step.

4. Secure Connections

  • We use the latest technology to keep your data safe, just like how knights protect their kingdoms!

5. Your Control

  • You are the master of your information. Feel free to modify or delete it anytime, just like how you can choose the path in a story.