Unique stories,
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Create personalized stories for your child, according to their imagination and dreams, thanks to the magic of AI.

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How does it work?

Your story in less than 2 min

Elevate bedtime with Fablea! Our AI-driven app quickly crafts enchanting bedtime stories for your child.

You have two easy options:

  • Type in unique details for a tailor-made tale
  • Pick from our pre-set story elements for instant magic

Created hyper realistic audiobooks

Create Your Tale in Audio: Once you’ve generated a story, bring it to life by transforming it into an audiobook. Select from a range of voices to find the perfect narrator for your story.

Personalize with Your Voice: For an extra special touch, Fablea offers a unique feature: use your own voice to narrate the stories! Easily record and overlay your voice, creating a deeply personal storytelling experience that your child will treasure.

With Fablea, every story is not just heard, but felt.

Astronaut Story

Super Hero

Under the ocean


Mysterious forest

Pokemon Story

Princess Theme

Evil Pirate


Magical World

Meet Fablea

People all over the world use Fablea

Excellent app, my son is loving it !

I use to buy books and change some names while reading it… But now the stories are tailored for my child, perfect 🙂

Charlotte L.

This is a kind and useful app

I tested it and it really works. Fablea is a good and still rare example of using AI technology to educate children.

Moreover, you, as a parent, can influence the content, and the child on his part can fulfill his fantasies. I recommend it!

Simon M.

A commendable initiative!!!🌟

This tool presents a ground-breaking approach in EdTech, tailoring stories to a child’s unique inclinations. It will not only entertain but amplify imagination and creativity. There is immense potential.

Elisabeth B.

I love apps like this

You can generate any bedtime story for your nephew that he wants. Love the pictures that are generated inside the story!

Charles F.

Love it!

Being a mother of four, I confidently state that this application is essential for all parents with young children. I appreciate the feature that allows us to use our own narration for the stories.

Julia G.

This app is awesome!

My 5 year old son loves it when I tell him bedtime stories. Thanks to Fablea, I can tell him stories that were created according to his desires, with his favorite characters! The ability to generate audio for the story is also super handy if I don’t have time to read the story to him.

Luc F.

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And create your first bedtime story for free.


Flexible pricing for your needs

1 story = 1 star
1 audio = 2 stars

Coming Soon: Print Your Fablea Stories!

Get ready to bring your personalized AI-crafted stories into the real world! Join our waitlist now to be the first to turn these magical tales into beautiful, printed books.


Personalized bedtime stories for child.

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